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Peter Trenton knows everything about Fort Garrington, Illinois, and he'd like to help his coworker Jeff Hansen learn the tricks of the town. Peter hoped to make a friend in Jeff, and when that falls through, Peter seeks other means to fill the void. Meanwhile, Jeff New York Times bestselling author and one of the most renowned meditation teachers in our time, Ilchi Lee challenges you to radically rethink your ideas on aging, health, personal fulfillment, and what's possible in your lifetime.

This highly anticipated book has During his very special life, which lasted nearly fourteen years, and is a near record for Rottweilers, Oscar I Am Enough Harold Leffall. I Am Enough answers everything. Every doubt, every fear, and every insecurity is answered. Overcome anxiety and depression. Build self-confidence and self-esteem.

Break self defeating habits. Be your best self now! The Austin Paradox William R. Having lost his extraordinary intellectual powers in a laboratory explosion that was intended to kill him, Dr. Robert James Austin, the greatest genius in history, whose medical cures saved countless millions, struggles to find meaning in a life that has become devoid of purpose.

As he Miracle Man William R. Miracle Man is a psychological thriller that explores extraordinary genius, Big Pharma corruption, CIA machinations, metaphysical forces, and one man's tireless quest at terible cost to validate his life. The victim of an unspeakable crime, an infant rises to become a new type of superhero In , Majok, as a five-year-old boy, fled his burning village in southern Sudan when the North The Kurdish Bike Alesa Lightbourne. Befriended by a widow in a nearby village, Theresa is embroiled in the joys and agonies of traditional Kurds Welcome to Saint Angel William Luvaas.

After his wife dies in a plane crash, iconoclastic inventor Al Sharpe moves to Saint Angel Valley in SoCal's high desert to rebuild his life on beloved "Second Chance Acres," building his young daughter a tree house in a giant oak tree and inventing the Sharpe Smoke Beneath the Coyote Hills William Luvaas.

Beneath The Coyote Hills explores the influence of choice and chance in our lives. Do we control our own destiny or is it dictated in part by mysterious forces beyond our control? Tommy Aristophanos is a luckless man, homeless freegan, fiction writer, and epileptic My book reflects on and is being told through the eyes of a nine-year-old Southern girl named Sofay White, who's an only child. She resides in Oklahoma with her parents. Who by the way, also live in the same household as her Grandparents along with their fifteen children Living Love Maetreyii Ma.

Living Love is practical mysticism at its best. This rare and wonderful work, based in the ancient teachings of yoga, is a poetic and penetrating therapeutic guidebook for transformation and awakening, giving the reader opportunity to explore how day to day experience can change Thursday's Child Beth MacMillan.

Thursday's Child follows the lives of a mother and daughter who, despite their similarities, often find communication to be an extremely awkward endeavor. Tess is an aimless wanderer, trying on different jobs and cultures to see which fits but still feeling like an outsider whether she is living in An attractive young woman lies critically injured and comatose in a hospital bed far from home. Images come and go as she struggles to regain consciousness. Is that a tall, dark man beckoning her from a distance?

Will she reach him?

Chapter One

Or will her life be cut short, denying her a second chance for My Heart Beats V. Childhood trauma versus poor adult choices. What's the connection? Emotional and behavioral problems are among the most prevalent chronic health conditions of childhood that largely go unrecognized and undiagnosed until a child grows into adulthood. My Heart Beats is a This volume examines the dynamics of self-transcendence for both individuals and humanity as a whole. In doing so, it illuminates the definitive relationship between self-transcendence and global democracy.

Drawing upon a vast Paper in the Wind Olivia Mason-Charles.

Books by Linda McGinnis

In the midst of the overwhelming struggles that accompanied autism, he continues to persevere. Fishing With Hyenas Theresa Mathews. Fishing with Hyenas is a love story between girlie girl Theresa and commercial fisherman Captain Bart, who convinces her to crew on a ninety-two-foot tuna boat plying the North Pacific Ocean. Trading cashmere and high heels for rain gear and rubber boots, she becomes a deckhand, confined for Building 8 Anthony C.

They, not I, will tell you where "There" is. You see, it is about real life. It is about right and wrong. It is about good and evil. It is about you! We are all these An unimaginable event from years past in Ireland is kept locked up in the heart of an alcohol abusing dad who truly only wants the best for his children and wife. But can he survive without dulling away hard memories with drink? Can love from his family bring him back from the brink?

Because of the Horses Patricia McGrane. Because of the Horses is a complex family story set in East Tennessee, a uniquely different and independently minded part of the state. Many local citizens still fiercely support the Union despite the rest of the state having voted to secede and join the Confederacy. Remote Control Chris McGrath. Hidden in the endless pantheon of conspiracy theories and secret organizations, there lies a faceless group known to only a few simply as "The Others.

Remote Control centers around an unlikely couple sucked Discovery Leslie Schweitzer Miller. Discovery intertwines one of the most notorious historical intrigues of the last century with a contemporary romance of sweeping emotional intensity, illuminating the frailties of human relationships, the impact of the past—and the power of love. The Widows Club Sula Miller. Arnold Hoffman was dead.

After fifty-five years of marriage, Irene could finally sleep as long as she wanted without her husband demanding that it was time to get up.

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Torn between grief and relief, Irene can't help but be both fearful and excited at the prospect of living on her own terms for Every animal can talk to you. You just have to know how to listen.

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Pepper Neely is better at this than most, especially because she is in charge of pet sitting all the familiars in her neighborhood. A familiar is a pet magically linked to a witch or warlock. As a gnome, Pepper is no Peppermint Mocha Murder Pam Moll. But everything changes when the tide drags in a dead body Arkansas Summer Anne Moose.

Arkansas Summer is a powerful novel about love and racial terror in the Jim Crow South. It's , and Catherine has joined her father in Arkansas after her grandfather's death. She's a California college student, and it's her first visit to her grandparents' farm since the summer she was Mad About Men Madelyn Morgan. Mad About Men is: - A mostly true, laugh-out-loud account of a successful executive single mother's search for love. The Past and Future King transports the reader to another world filled with compelling characters that move the imagination.

More than a fantasy book, it is a story with ageless relevance to the great themes of life such as adventure, love, redemption, and Death of Heaven JZ Murdock. A horrific childhood event. Two broken boys struggle to grow up. One to achieves great and covert things for our country, things that nearly destroy him. The other continues his struggle through adulthood.

Finally they come back together to help one another, one more than the other Zulu Way Robert M. The year is Zulu Way is the story of Danny, a young man sent on an adventure by his father up the Mississippi on his Uncle's new steamship to sell his family crops to the mills in Baton Rouge. Among Friends Heather Murray. Among Friends is an account of one woman's exploration of Cuba, as the country begins to find its feet in the post-Fidel era. With an eye for the telling details of daily life, Murray first explores Havana and then other provinces to the west and east in visits spread over a period of eight years Fourteen Leslie Johansen Nack.

After her mother and father divorce at age seven, Leslie quickly learns the hard lessons of being Dad's favorite. The abuse begins at age nine and doesn't end until she begins to fight back at Fourteen. Her father, a larger-than-life Norwegian, assumed full custody of Leslie and her two sisters and move Adrienne Nairn is a former British resident now living in New Zealand. Her autobiography provides a record of her first hand experiences of the issues of elder abuse, the waste of Police and Social Services resources, misuse of Powers of Attorney and matters of how Silver Linings Mrin Nayagam.

In Silver Linings, Dr Mrin Nayagam takes us on a journey with her patients from all walks of life, who overcome the odds in the face of serious medical conditions or traumatic events. Young Kate, diagnosed with cancer at only seven months old and now in full remission at nearly 10 years of age. A Candle for My Mother is an inspirational story of a young woman from the Midwest, Lorraine Newton, who longed to travel the world despite being the mother of four young children. The Train to Orvieto Rebecca J. The Train to Orvieto, set in Orvieto, Florence, and Milan, Italy, and in the heartland of America, is an intimate story of love, loss, betrayal, and reconciliation that unfolds against an historical background of war and dramatic social change.

It is a story enacted by fascinating three-dimensional Splendiferous Speech Rosemarie Ostler. What does it mean to talk like an American? Anonymous Caller Susan Parker. Caitlin Rourke is a young, restless reporter who feels like she's going nowhere fast, that is until she gets a fateful phone call from a woman reporting a rape, which propels her into a world of corruption and organized crime.

Her car is torched and her dog is poisoned to scare Caitlin off the story. A Finnish journalist, now a naturalized American citizen, asks Americans to draw on elements of the Nordic way of life to nurture a fairer, happier, more secure, and less stressful society for themselves and their children. Moving to America in , Anu Partanen quickly went Logan, the eldest of the MacBride clan, is thrilled at his brother Clay's pending nuptials to Sandy.

But when Sandy's sister RJ arrives at the family's ranch, Logan's world is turned upside down. However, the sisters' shared past has created scars and barriers against love Seven-year-old little girls love their daddy. Kathy was no exception, so when her daddy started paying "special" attention to her, she felt "special" in turn. Her daddy loved her Few betrayals run as deep as the betrayal of being sexually What are the grand dynamics that drive the accumulation and distribution of capital?

Questions about the long-term evolution of inequality, the concentration of wealth, and the prospects for economic growth lie at the heart of political economy. Smoke from Small Fires Anne Powers. It's the s. Picture Blackshale, Tennessee, with its home fires, small town ways, and postwar innocence - the perfect place for a girl to grow up.

From her earliest days, an artistic spark has been smoldering in Anna Grace Tollett, and when the mountain turns dark and unnerving Monster's Children Dan Hansen The Queen of Order and the Trickster gods originally formed an alliance to defend against the dreaded beast they called the Monster. Missing Books Brian Harris This is a book for the book-lover.

Hartnell "Fire it up" for friendship, fun, adventure, mystery, and courage that fill the pages of Scary Spring: Our Polio Fright of Faithfully Religionless Timber Hawkeye Discover the difference between feelings and emotions, the disparity between truths and facts, and the countless benefits of mindful living. Henson Ravi was enchanted by clouds. Trapped Maria Hernandez Angelina Rivera was at the prime of her life. Hillegas Sarah Gavin believes she has left her dark past behind.

The Idea of Socialism Axel Honneth The idea of socialism has given normative grounding and orientation to the outrage over capitalism for more than years, and yet today it seems to have lost much of its appeal. Hudson Unthar Marlenus is a scribe of history Where Triples Go to Die Phil Hutcheon In irreverent, laugh-out-loud style, Where Triples Go to Die illuminates the messy intersection of sports, race, and romance in contemporary college life.

Alienation Rahel Jaeggi The Hegelian-Marxist idea of alienation fell out of favor after the postmetaphysical rejection of humanism and essentialist views of human nature. Heist during the Rio Games Dexter James From a desolate cell located at a remote, state-of-the-art prison facility in Northern Ontario, inmate Brian Beasley plans his escape. Nikkita Jervey Not a how to book or just a daddy bashing monologue, in Daddy Issues you walk side by side with the author through some of the most trying times in her life.

The Damascus Cover Howard Kaplan In a last ditch effort to revive his career, washed out agent Ari Ben-Sion accepts a mission he never would have 30 years ago, to smuggle a group of Jewish children out of the Damascus ghetto. Keshishian Determined to enjoy a quiet seaside vacation with his wife, Dr. Kilroy It's , the world is changing - and so is a quiet misfit named Sally Fiore. Bill Kingsley Can humanity continue on the present course of environmental destruction and over population? This Changes Everything Naomi Klein The most important book yet from the author of the international bestseller The Shock Doctrine, a brilliant explanation of why the climate crisis challenges us to abandon the core "free market" ideology of our time, restructure the global economy, and remake our political The Sixth Extinction Elizabeth Kolbert Over the last half-billion years, there have been five mass extinctions, when the diversity of life on earth suddenly and dramatically contracted.

Krauss The relationship between the police and the media has always been a strange one; adding romance creates serious complications. Krauss Betrayal, divorce, recovery. Krauss A Jewish love story. Lambert More than 18 million people have traveled to the tiny Bosnian village of Medjugorje to witness daily apparitions of the Virgin Mary and experience her healing powers. The Compton-based producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist known for his work as a member of the Internet has unleashed his debut album Apollo XXI today, and the hype has not been unwarranted.

Certain moments vibe much harder than others. In other words, another curveball from Clairo, and undoubtedly not the last, either. This single smashes so hard, I want it to come on every time I step out on a rooftop. I was a philosophy major. Dystopian, but make it disco. I am still longing and seeking something more. Who I am is not a place at which I can arrive. On Fever , Megan Thee Stallion bounces between freaky and greedy, rapping about doing hood-rat shit with her friends, going to Pappadeaux real ones know , and ignoring every man until they start talking about having sex with her.

Lot to unpack here, so pull up a chair. Maluma ft. The song combines the infectious energy that has catapulted both Ozuna and Maluma to the global stage over the past year. Where I pulled that comparison from goes beyond my own understanding, but I said what I said! Summer is right around the corner and this album will have been worth the wait whenever the Canadian trio is ready to share it with us. The ability to connect with a live audience is what distinguishes great from good performers.

Plucked from her retail gig after a stint playing on the streets of Byron Bay made her an overnight sensation , Tones and I delivered her second single earlier this week. Not exactly a cheery sentiment but an indie bop for fans of the Cranberries and, naturally, the Pogues. The D. Ari knows what she wants, and just wants you to stay a little longer. Fuckboys are everywhere. Us girls can be fuckboys too. In fact, many of us wear the badge proudly. The LA-based New Yorker is using her platform for great things: body positivity, queer visibility, humor!

The first album Lee produced after recovering from the incredibly rare brain disease Moyamoya, Lune Rouge is a compilation of melancholic vocals lifted by frenetic beats. In the months following her surgery, Lee experienced the temporary derailment of her music career. Lo-fi, high impact. Once again, Crumb drenches us with another psych-jazz bomb that melts your mind into a puddle of mush. Is anyone else craving the gentle embrace of summertime sadness paired with the warmth of sunshine, or is that just me?

Her breakout album Goddess is full of gut-wrenching lines coated with syrupy vocals. If your eyes have not been blessed by this clip yet, please behold 4-year-old Zahara Noel turning all the way up to this song. I did not care about this song before I watched this child do her thing to it. Bop goes my heart! What exactly are Bleached cooking up with their new album? Kindness ft. Is there a more millennial sentiment than flat-out blanket refusal? I, too, would prefer to keep things minimal in my adult life — why make things complicated for no reason?

Also, who even likes going to the club past the age of 22? Mmm, whatcha say … Even without the memes that have reverberated through cyberspace since its fateful sync on The O. Color me intrigued. Lizzo gets a lot of praise and, suddenly, now more and more flak for her very specific branding of self-love.

For Lizzo, loving herself is what keeps her alive and fulfilled.

Lyrics | Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters

Vulnerability has never sounded so powerful, I am shaken to the fucking core. Truly worth the wait. So rarely do artists let us see their raw emotions in real time, when the wounds are still fresh, exposed, and hemorrhaging. Neither version is superior to the other. It sounds more like a stripped-down New Order disco banger than it does any of her prior influences or musical bedfellows. Via an irresistible mid-song breakdown, Hackman makes way for a multilayered vocal on the final chorus and some deeply satisfying guitar shredding. Her state of confusion and bewilderment in the lyrics creates a sense of giving zero fucks about taking risks for the future.

Our parents pass on their genes to us, and in turn, their peculiarities. With her lullaby vocals and introspective musings, Dacus tells her own tale while transporting the listener to their own memories. She delivers her lyrics slowly, purposefully, over simple guitar harmonies. Of all the wonderful hip-hop and indie-rock acts to have come out of Philadelphia in the last few years, Mannequin Pussy which falls under the indie-rock category is one of the most tragically underappreciated. We were all thinking, Who does this guy think he is?

I thought that the peach would have peaked by now with Call Me by Your Name running its course and all, but it still seems to be in its prime. A brand-new signing to Columbia in the U. Delicate and self-assured. Ives crafts poptronic music with an indie flare from her bedroom in Queens. Brooklyn-born Ives is emblematic of a new kind of triple threat: a female artist who writes, sings, and produces her own tracks. Music production is a historically male-dominated industry. There is an addictive eclecticism to her sound. Unsurprisingly, she quotes a range of influence, from M.

Hit play and coast. Madonna ft. You wonder what motivates Madonna after a bout of recently less-than-desirably-met LPs. In the s, she was riding the electro-clash trend. Mark Ronson, creative companion to the likes of megastars like Miley Cyrus and Bruno Mars, is no sidekick. Though his collaborators often receive more notoriety from their vocals, Ronson is paramount in the production world. Ronson has been teasing hits from his fifth studio album all year, but his collaboration with underground bedroom-pop sensation Lykke Li feels different. It leans into discotheque and away from pop tropes.

The sparse beat creates maximum feels. Paak ft. Paak has gifted us a new catchphrase. The California native made waves this week, from Indio to the internet. Last Friday, he dropped his latest album, Ventura , before taking the main stage at Coachella to play one of the coveted dusk sets. Paak released Oxnard , an album that polarized fans and critics alike. Over a high-energy beat,.

Paak incorporates a seductive playfulness into the lyrics. Paak is far from reaching his peak. A lot of what this song does with voice hits me right: the Kate Bush—style layered vibrato; the corroded, spoken-word backup vocals; that synth patch that mimics human timbre. The bass tone sounds like you could wring a full glass of orange juice out of it. This girl is begging to be featured in all of your hipster music videos. Look for it. Lungbutter weighs down their noise rock with the sense that time is running out, that they could be cut off at any second.

Once again, Steve Lacy just gets it. Now, give us the debut album! When you think of original, witty, relatable, consistently on-point songwriters of the past decade, the Perth-dwelling Barnett is the first that springs to mind. Is anyone else on the kind of run Uzi is right now?


Kaytranada ft. Jazzy psycho-pop is exactly what the doctor ordered for me this week when I was feeling low and needed a major pick-me-up. Crumb is a Brooklyn-based four-piece band that reminds me of the music that my buds from Boise, Idaho, make — which is meant as a huuuuuge compliment. Their debut album Jinx drops on June 14, and I can only imagine that the other nine tracks are just as promising as this standout single.

Fabulously named Australian punks Amyl and the Sniffers are developing a rampant live reputation with every town they rock in across the globe, particularly following SXSW. Front person Amy Taylor sports a mullet and performs with a dangerous cheek — she has to be seen to be believed. It whispers come hither from the shore. Lil Nas X ft. I was today years old when I became a country-rap-music stan. TikTok savant Lil Nas collaborated with our old friend Robby Ray Stewart to make the best country-rap song that ever existed. Forget trap music, I want to stand atop a tractor and belt this remix till the cows come home.

Most importantly, do we think Tish Cyrus actually has a bad Fendi sports bras habit? Ariana Grande is never not working. Even her losses are a Goddamned win. It feels familiar and new, like seeing the sun rise and marveling at the uniqueness of another day. Stevie Nicks. Janet Jackson. Robert Smith. David Byrne.

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But whatever. I can be a cynic sometimes. This was really fun! Name me another setting — besides the rare fundraiser — that gives this many legends the opportunity to cross-pollinate and rock out for a few minutes, just because they can! Would relive again. The forthcoming seventh album from Hot Chip is called A Bathful of Ecstasy , which is a great descriptor for how I feel about house music.

House music has taken on a new role for me in the past 18 months. On January 1, , I decided I was going to stop drinking. Since then I have sought healthier avenues for release, ways to access the tips of my neurons and the flush in my cheeks and the flurry in my chest without making a tit of myself. House music can be sustenance, and Hot Chip have become masters of the craft. Khalid ft. Not at all! They must … just be super busy, right? The latest taste from Here Comes the Cowboy is simple and wistful, a single bent guitar line slithering between his voice, brushed drums, and a simple strum.

The lyrical sentiment is all in the title, really — sometimes, things are just simple that way. Her latest single is a delicious slice of dream-pop that sugarcoats the gradual unraveling you go through after a break up. There is a genre-bending quality to their music I find irresistible NPR agrees.

Please forward to my future romantic prospects. Go forth, bury me! Lion Babe is back with an album brimming with slow jamz. Layering sultry vocals over a tribal beat in Solange fashion , vocalist Jillian Hervey and producer Lucas Goodman find their groove with Cosmic Wind , their track album released earlier this week. This song feels like awakening from a winter sojourn to find your sex drive intact yay! Double-time drums and cascading piano notes are the lifeblood of this song. The Earth has moved around the Sun six whole times since Sky Ferreira last put out music.

She was a muse. She was an enigma. She was an actor. She was a recluse.

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She was a fantastic pop star. In luminaries like Debbie Harry and David Lynch, she found the greatest of champions. And everybody has anticipated its follow-up since. Her vocal breathes over NIN-style turgid depths before she flies up into a chorus that has more in common with PJ Harvey or Tori Amos than any of her current peers. Deliciously interesting and well worth the wait. Billie Eilish sampled The Office in a song!

It may sound gimmicky, but Eilish weaves it all together perfectly. Just an instantly memorable moment on an album full of them. She has since rebranded as just MARINA, and in removing the character that never fully felt quite right for her, she inevitably finally sounds like herself. For an artist as consistently forward-thinking as Jlin, this Adult Swim one-off almost rings nostalgic.

The candy-crusted synthesizers, hi-hat blasts, and subtle bass drops bring me back to early Skrillex singles, which mined YouTube when YouTube was not yet a repository for fascist propaganda. Of course, Jlin outpaces Skrillex and his cohort of web-native millennial men by a mile in terms of technical dexterity.