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Hugh Trevor-Roper.

More by Fuck off

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Slifkin Revisited - part 2

Glen Sean Coulthard. Europe's Reformations, — James D. Songs of Kabir. Protestant England and Catholic Spain. Jose Escamilla. Dear White America. Tim Wise. Medieval Lives.

Reward Yourself

Imprudent King. Geoffrey Parker. Later Medieval Europe. Daniel Waley. Reinventing Diversity. Howard J. The Color Line: a History. Ethan Malveaux. Juan Antonio Llorente. Atlas of the European Reformations. Tim Dowley.

Eserleri ve Katkıda Bulundukları

Chapters In Church History. Powel Mills Dawley. A Short History of Europe, Lisa Rosner. Geoffrey Jensen. Phil Mailer. The Medieval West. Geoffrey Gibson. Pueblos, Spaniards, and the Kingdom of New Mexico. John L. Darryl Hart. The Evolution of the Medieval World. How would you and Mrs M feel about rounding a bend to see a plasticated corpse by Von Hagens? Why, thank you, hic. Your sweetness could not be improved by sugar. I quite like sliced white bread, which is surprisingly hard to find in hotels in the UK now.

He gives butchers a bad name. White bread is essentially all sugar anyway, but probably demerara is cane sugar derived from sugar-cane! I suppose by cane sugar they mean regular castor sugar, in which case Tesco will have it in abundance. I only make bread for special occasions, since the bakeries are so good. Your daughter must have reported how relatively cheap everything is. I believe it refers to a person reared in a environment where a major cultural distinction turns on such a question as whether to celebrate Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Some of the exhibits were beautifully prepared and presented in an emotionally neutral context, but more than a few seemed sensationalised.

I found that gratuitously off-putting. The average fool was wandering around talking about having steak for dinner, but there were also study groups and sketch groups. It was a mixed experience, but I went several times. My daughter did complain that most of the bread she ate tasted sweet. In general it was portion size rather than cheapness which surprised her, and why macaroni cheese is so popular.

When I think about my insides I visualise an arrangement of pipes and tanks and wires laid out diagrammatically which I find easy to understand. For my limited purposes the diagram will do. I imagine it was another bloodbath.


I wonder if a meeting with Mr Michael Mouse is on the agenda? One of the drawbacks of being a mature parent. I could never get mine interested in the sport. Tins are more convenient anyway. So has diagramme been truncated too? Macaroni cheese is another mutation, most of the cheese-like substance never having met a cow.

The portion distortion is, hmm, how do I put this…depends where you choose to dine. Probably most evident in white- bread establishments. There were some delightful posts to the Schubert blog, an interesting poem, but I lost my equanimity at one point and made a regrettable spectacle.

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  8. That would indeed bear not mentioning. The very thought could provoke onset of migraine aura, so my children have been deprived of this cultural initiation. I thought Mishari was going wilderness trekking with a mule- train someplace hot as Tofit. Glad you liked my grisly fish tale. I must be going. I cannot stay, I came to say I must be going. I knew a Phil Collins fan lurked under that veneer of sophistication. You can take the boy out of Blackpool…. Cut to the quick, yet innocent of all charges. Which side of the island are you on? For some reason it adds a real poignancy to the image.

    Just back from the South with its cream teas and its expensive housing visiting my parents in Poole. My mother is but a frail whisper of her former self and the whole experience was unbearably sad. My goodbye to her really was goodbye. Whereas my dad was mobile and extraordinarily chipper considering he gets rushed into hospital from time to time due to internal bleeding.

    Yesterday, I watched an Imperial Eagle, 6 and a half foot wingspan and talons the size of my open hand, take a large rabbit in our lower meadow. How can that be? Sorry to hear about your mother, Ed. What is life? A frenzy, What is life? An illusion, A shadow, a fiction, and the greatest good is little: for life is all a dream and dreams are just dreams. Now, go…and sin no more. Have some of this instead:.

    Two of his brothers died prolonged and agonising deaths from cancer and although my mother was deeply affected at losing him after almost 50 years of marriage, she said that the manner of his going was as good as it gets. Sudden and, as far as one can tell, painless.

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    Thanks Mishari. A week before she had dragged one of her daughters to go and see the 6 hour Passion play at Oberammergau and had come out of the experience in better condition than the daughtter. I hope your mum considers herself to have had a good life, since that will remain true long after the sufferings of her slow death have faded. Like Auntie who had just one more objective, then went. The notion of a personal God is, to my mind, an impediment to the understanding of individual free will.

    I travel so often and so widely in my sleep usually by flying, but sometimes on ships that disembodiment is an open channel for me. Fantastic eagle experience, Mishari! I can just feel that breath-taking impact. I have vivid black falcon dreams as well. In the particular image, it was a large rowing sort of canoe. The air is so good here these summer nights, I wish the windows could be open like this yr round.

    Sorry to hear about your mother, ET. Cancer can be a very nasty one, but I gather pain management especially in hospices is much better nowadays. My father died in a car accident, which is probably a bit too sudden. In contrast my mother spent three years in a secure unit with dementia before she finally went, which was far too long. It was a relief when what was left of her died. I would take something between those extremes if I had a choice. The man refuses to serve him, and then:. Oh, he gave me a smile that was sickly and wet, And I offered him one of my cigarettes.

    He took it, afraid that he might appear rude, Then proceeded to sell me some second class food. Thanks for the kind sentiments, hic. In fact, the most common translation strikes me as just plain bad:. A frantic moment, What is life? I always get Kevin Ayres mixed up with kevin Coyne who used to drink and how in a pub in Battersea I frequented. Hello all others. I am just back from the west and chaperoning my parents to London for a weekend wedding tomorrow. Should be fun; to say they are reluctant travellers is an understatement.

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    Hello, Reine. London is your oyster, kiddo….