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  1. The Devil's Eye () - IMDb
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The Devil's Eye () - IMDb

He has overemphasized the character of the vicar, and used him as a vehicle to examine some very un-comic but typically Bergman questions. The vicar is naive; he is also a man of god.

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The problem of whether or not the vicar's naivete in some way protects him from the world in which he lives, or the question of how much of his faith is the result of his blindness to the facts of his own existence, are not fit topics for comedy. They may be of immense interest to Bergman, but they do not belong here, and the movie's comic structure cannot stand the strain they impose.

This lack of discipline and uncertainity of purpose on Bergman's part recurs constantly.

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  • He cannot fore-bear from adding an enigmatic sequence of pure symbolism, relating the legend of how Don Juan was carried to hell. It is a striking sequence, invested with Bergman's typicalaly nightmarish quality.

    Djävulens öga

    But it makes no sense, and has no relation to the story. The vicar's wife, on hearing the legend, becomes upset and cries: "Life is a stupid comedy. His name is synonymous: if you want to say highbrow, you say Bergman.

    Of course, even the greatest men have skeletons in their closet, Or is it that they become great because of them? Styled as a comedy, it's a strange story of sin and marriage that never really rises above fanciful fairytale. The devil has a stye in his eye, because of a small blip on earth: a young woman Bergman regular Bibi Andersson , destined for Hell, is chaste. He sends casanova Don Juan - sentenced to an eternity of temptation - to seduce the engaged beauty.

    Devil’s Spring System

    Taken for a stranger, her father, a rural vicar, invites Juan and his faithful servant into his home. But as tempting for the pair is the naive and lost minister's wife, a woman as dead as the devil's minions, on the inside.

    Mercyful Fate "Devil Eyes"

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